Stories of Near

Our stories cover the trends that will determine the African fashion landscape. We dive into unknown territories, offering the latest inspirations and updates on what's new and next. Our biannual trendzine is an extension of these stories, in which we offer a wealth of insights to inspire new products and services targeted at the fashion market in Africa.


An introduction to the African Trendzine

Unveiling the New Fashion
Landscape in Africa

At Stories of Near, we invite you to (re)discover and grasp the flourishing fashion narratives inspired by (and in) Africa. Whilst these new headlines are starting to be mentioned by the global media, it remains unclear how this can be further embraced and integrated in the future of fashion. Therefore, it is important to note that Africa is not rising, it is here!

The trailblazers of this realm are redefining the existence of fashion. For the first time in decades these stories are not being placed in the context of the West to make them ‘understandable’. There is a new sense of pride that is breaking with clichés and stereotypes of the continent, wanting to stay true to the heart of diverse continent that holds a magnitude of cultures and stories. We believe that only the ones who date to merge with this new Africanity will cultivate their minds to experience a novel network of fashion pioneers. Fashion in Africa is no longer only ‘used’ as source of inspiration but acknowledged for being a source for authentic innovation. A new generation of makers are wanting to be taken seriously and becoming valid participants of the global stage. Explorations on the diverse cultural meanings in continent are forging new standards as well as commercial and creative opportunities. It’s an exciting era for professionals and brands to be part of new narratives that will impact economic en creative development in the continent an globally. This all comes together in our first trendzine, a printed biannual publication for businesses, investors and brands to grasp this diverse emerging market. Be among the first to acquire this publication by contacting us at