Stories of Near

Our stories cover the trends that will determine the African fashion landscape. We dive into unknown territories, offering the latest inspirations and updates on what's new and next. Our biannual trendzine is an extension of these stories, in which we offer a wealth of insights to inspire new products and services targeted at the fashion market in Africa.


An introduction to the African Trendzine

Unveiling the New Fashion
Landscape in Africa

At Stories of Near, we invite you to (re)discover and grasp the flourishing fashion narratives inspired by (and in) Africa. Whilst these new headlines are starting to be mentioned by the global media, it remains unclear how this can be further embraced and integrated in the future of fashion. Therefore, it is important to note that Africa is not rising, it is here!

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An introduction to the African Trendzine

Forms and Ideals

‘Seeing beauty in things where others see nothing’

The colourful and bustling Africa has always represented a big part of how beauty and artistic expressions were perceived. We foresee that new ideals are being re-shaped from these expressions, in which a new generation is changing the norm. It is time for renewal: a fresh layer over the existing one. It does not take over but diversifies what there already is with new interpretations. We challenge others to find beauty in hidden corners. Bringing out the unnoticed to forge new African aesthetics. A reality that seems tough and incomprehensible (which it can often be) can also be a treasure of inspiring stories. It is not conformation but the confrontation that is creating a new way of life and forms of self- expression.

EDUN’s fw16 collection shot in Ivory Coast by Ivorian photographer/art director Louis Philippe de Gagoue

Rumour in Africa

‘Rumour in Africa celebrates a gathering place for those who share a common incentive to enter in an open dialogue to intellectualise fashion in the African context.’

At Stories of Near, we founded this event as part of a new approach to transparency and unification of an often dispersed fashion realm in the continent. Herein the trailblazers of tomorrow form a community through collective values and beliefs, sharing stories and patterns of thought. The talks circle around a direct agenda on how fashion can promote growth, sustainability and allow for inclusive business models that will benefit creative talent in the Pan-African fashion industry. The purpose is to allow the story-tellers of this vast growing environment to be heard. The first panel summits were held in Maputo and Accra.

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Alara is a luxury retail store situated in Lagos designed by architect David Adjaye. Offering a curated selection of homegrown and global luxury products.

Market Overview

‘Revealing the market shifts that are influencing the future of fashion in Africa’

The standards and quality in fashion products of what is expected is elevating, and it is evidently high. The designers that are present and the ones that emerge, all pride themselves on being African. Yet they are questioning the status quo on different levels. These talented creatives are leading the world in their vast imagination and expertise of creations. Therefore, it is relevant to look at what fashion is in Africa in a vast term and the shift in fashion values it transcends.