Stories of Near

We help you gain understanding of the diversity of markets and consumer forces in Africa, that are contributing to new future narratives in fashion. In order to see the African landscape as an explorative ground to understand and learn from, we guide you into undiscovered territories to enrich your consumers hearts and minds, centred around social innovation.


What do we offer?

We capture emerging pathways towards new African narratives translated into curated visions for the future. Inspiring terrains depict new fashion stories that will influence culture, businesses and societies, through social innovation.

Social Innovation

Our scope is always targeted at new innovators, pioneers and talent that will shape the future of fashion in Africa. We showcase patterns of thoughts that are determining new opportunities to co-create with, and link your brand with the ideal ambassadors.


We track consumer trends in the African context by analysing how consumer trends are driving, influencing and determining new and future mindsets.

Consumer Futures

With a sector that is mostly informal, the opportunities to create strong and innovative retail concepts are up for grabs. Let us take you through an exploration of current marketplace trends, the most notable brand spaces and participate in unexpected experiences that will connect you with your consumer target.

Retail Experiences

We mentor and foster forthcoming talent from the continent. Catering to their specific targets, whilst connecting them globally, we look the unique selling propositions of these talents.

Scouting Emerging Talent

Who do we offer it to?

With a firm belief in whole-system thinking, we treat your brand as an ecosystem in which your purpose continuously adds meaning to long-term connections and solutions.

IN AFRICA: Brands and creative talents wanting to contribute to new aesthetic meanings and translations in the African fashion industry, looking to be globally connected.

INSPIRED BY AFRICA: Brands looking to be inspired by new visions sourced in the continent, aiming to enter the markets and look for new opportunities to connect and co-create with others.