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Our stories cover the trends that will determine the African fashion landscape. We dive into unknown territories, offering the latest inspirations and updates on what's new and next. Our biannual trendzine is an extension of these stories, in which we offer a wealth of insights to inspire new products and services targeted at the fashion market in Africa.


Consumer Futures

Consumer Futures

‘We produce stories that take you into the rapidly changing consumer landscape on the continent’

This series explores a new generation of makers that wants to be taken seriously and are becoming valid participants of the global stage. Technology, new economies and rising incomes are shifting the narrative from an exotic faraway continent to something that is brought closer and part of the global conversation. Moved by a new sense of pride, these consumers no longer are willing to be underestimated or underserved. It is time for the world to discover these new consumer forces rather than the other way around.

A sign of times in Senegal, shot by Harley Weir
and styled by Julia Sarr-Jamois  in which street models were cast in Dakar.